How Long Is Doja Cat’s ‘The Scarlet Tour’ Concert?

Last night (October 31), Doja Cat kicked off her Scarlet Tour at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Many of the songs throughout the night were live debut performances from her recent album, Scarlet. With Doechii and Ice Spice as the tour’s opening acts, fans who are attending one of the upcoming dates might be wondering exactly how long the concert is — so they can prepare, schedule-wise.

Here’s what to know.

Fans can start entering the venue when doors typically open at 6:30 pm. From there, Doechii or Ice Spice starts on stage at 7:30, followed by Doja Cat’s headlining set starting at 8:30 pm. According to users on Reddit, Doja’s set then ends sometime around 10 p.m. — giving lots of time for fans to hear their favorite tracks.

Doja’s next show is in Los Angeles on November 2, and she will be continuing to perform across North America through December. A complete list of dates, along with more information, can be found here.

Continue scrolling for Doja Cat’s setlist from the Scarlet Tour‘s opening night, via

1. “WYM Freestyle”
2. “Demons”
3. “Tia Tamera”
3. “Shutcho”
5. “Agora Hills”
6. “Attention”
7. “Often
8. “Red Room” (Hiatus Kaiyote cover)
9. “Balut”
10. “Gun”
11. “Ain’t Sh*t”
12. “Woman”
13. “Say So”
14. “Get Into It (Yuh)”
15. “Need To Know”
16. “Kiss Me More”
17. “Paint The Town Red”
18. “Streets”
19. “FTG”
20. “97”
21. “Can’t Wait”
22. “Go Off”
23. “Ouchies”
24. “Wet Vagina”