J. Cole Supporters Are Calling The Grammys Out For Not Nominating His ‘KOD’ Album For A Single Category

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J. Cole’s vast fandom has been well-covered in the past. It’s well known that the North Carolina artist has earned a beloved following who enjoy his music and support gestures like extending an olive branch to Lil Pump, building a home for single mothers, and other thoughtful exploits. Many of them believed that his polarizing KOD album, which took on the lofty task of exploring the many facets of addiction, was the best album of the year. For what it’s worth, we thought the album was one of the best rap albums of the year, even if it didn’t make the main album list. But Cole’s album has received another perceived slight in their eyes, as it didn’t get a solitary Grammy nomination.

In the past, the Dreamville founder has said “f*ck the Grammys,” contended the streets dont give a f*ck about the Grammys,” on 2018’s “Zendaya,” and took the organization to task for past nominations and awards for artists like Iggy Azalea and Macklemore on “Fire Squad.” But despite Cole’s apathy for the Grammys, some of his biggest fans contend that the committee didn’t get it right excluding him from the nominations. They aired their frustrations on Twitter, where the album was morally juxtaposed against others and extoled as a great work that didn’t get it’s just due of award consideration. You can see some of their comments below: