Jack Harlow Allegedly Told The Met Gala Press He Was ‘On Shrooms’ To Avoid Interviews

Jack Harlow is riding high off the release of his new album Jackman. However, one reporter is alleging that the “They Don’t Love It” rapper’s elevated state isn’t just figurative.

On Monday, May 1, Harlow slipped into his best Tommy Hilfiger threads to attend fashion’s biggest night, the annual Met Gala. Although he didn’t hit the red carpet to show off his look for the evening, he didn’t stop to speak with many of the media correspondents. With a new film, the reboot of White Men Can’t Jump, slated to drop soon and a new album out, fans were curious as to why the entertainer would capitalize on the attention.

However, New York Times reporter Jessica Testa claimed that as reporters attempted to get Jack Harlow to stop on the carpet, “He pointed at his forehead and mouthed: ‘I’m on shrooms.’”

Harlow did stop take a moment reunite with Emma Chamberlain, who was doing hosting work for Vogue. Although the exchange was brief, Harlow seemed perfectly coherent.

Harlow’s lack of desire to speak with the press could instead be related to his latest claim of “eing the best white rapper since Eminem, which created quite the frenzy online.

Jackman is out now via Generation Now/Atlantic. Find more information here.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.