The Jonas Brothers Brought Serious Summer Vibes To Their Performance Of ‘Cool’ On ‘The Voice’

The Jonas Brothers are officially back. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are releasing a new album called Happiness Begins on June 7, and it’s their first proper album together since 2009. We’ve only heard two songs from the record so far, but both are bouncy, summery bangers. “Sucker” has been getting more attention (probably due in part to its star-studded video), but the Jonas Brothers gave their second single, “Cool,” some love on Tuesday night’s season finale of The Voice.

The Jonas Brothers transformed the stage into a veritable pool party full of backup dancers in yellow swimsuits and inner tubes, and the audience bounced beach balls around the pit. Lyrically, “Cool” is a straightforward confidence anthem, but it’s also got some great vocal moments for Joe and Nick, the band’s two main soloists. (And great vocal moments are especially appropriate for a performance on The Voice.) Nick’s falsetto has only gotten more impressive since he’s left his teenage years, and Joe brings the power-pop energy. Kevin’s on rhythm guitar keeping the whole family on the ground. It’s a great performance — and with the record out in a couple weeks, happiness is only just beginning for JoBros fans.

Watch the Jonas Brothers’ performance of “Cool” on The Voice above.