Jpegmafia Really Social Distances By Wandering The Desert In His ‘Cutie Pie!’ Video

Thanks to his established lo-fi aesthetic, Jpegmafia is proving to be one of the most quarantine-proof artists around. Where many of his contemporaries have had to shut down production or resort to animation to get their new videos out, Peggy’s been dropping one after the other with impressive consistency and surprisingly varied concepts. In previous videos, he’s tried his hand at late-night R&B, gone on midnight cruises, and even ceded his cellphone spotlight to guest rappers.

Today, he shared his latest video, “Cutie Pie!” which takes a slightly different tack. This video finds him embracing social distanced by leaving the city behind, wandering around the desert and rapping a pair of tightly-wound, wordy verses over a jazz-influenced beat produced by Peggy himself. The song finds him taunting rival rappers, “You n****s trash still slavin’ away on Sylenth / Matter of fact, you slaves no matter who n****s sign with.” Clearly, he has little use for a record deal himself, considering the independent success of his last two albums, Veteran and All My Heroes Are Cornballs.

When he’s not spitting fiery battle raps, Jpeg is also an accomplished producer, contributing tracks to IDK, Danny Brown, and more.

Watch Jpegmafia’s “Cutie Pie!” video above.