Jpegmafia Concludes His New Single Rampage With The Nocturnal ‘Last Dance!’ Video

Jpegmafia’s rampage continues with another new video, following self-shot clips for singles “Bald!,” “Covered In Money!,” “Bodyguard!,” “Cutie Pie!” and “The Bends!” His latest release — and possibly his last for this particular run of tracks — is the appropriately “Last Dance!” It comes with its own lo-fi music video.

The video primarily consists of night shots of Peggy standing in front of a neon sign with a woman next to him. They’re silhouetted by the lights behind them and Jpeg rocks a hoodie with a durag as he mimes a performance of the lyrics. Periodically, a picture-in-picture window pops up in a corner to show the pair in another location, with Jpeg still rapping to the camera and his female companion preening at his side. These shots are occasionally interrupted by straightforward performance shots, the only times Jpeg appears clearly in the video.

After Jpeg announced “Last Dance!” on Twitter, he followed up with a post script for fans, writing, “p.s. this is the final one.” Whether that means he’s hibernating to work on a new project remains to be seen, but it has been nearly a year since his last full-length project, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, so a new album would be timely.

Watch Jpegmafia’s “Last Dance!” video above.