Justin Bieber Called For The Firing Of Fox News Host Laura Ingraham For Posthumously Insulting Nipsey Hussle

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Since his passing, Nipsey Hussle has been remembered fondly, both as an important figure in contemporary hip-hop, and as somebody who did a lot of things that made his Los Angeles community a better place to be. However, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham found herself at the center of controversy recently after she demeaned Hussle on air. People in the music community have jumped to stand up for Hussle following the incident, like The Game, who took to Instagram to pen a post that called for Ingraham to be fired. Now, Justin Bieber has spoken up and done the same thing.

Bieber shared an image of Hussle and Ingraham and wrote, “Laura Ingraham absolutely disgusting what you did on national television. How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on. Doesn’t matter who it is. But disrespecting someone’s who was a pillar in the community and did right by people? Did you not think about the family who just lost a love one and now have to see you mock him on national television It’s absurd and you should be fired period.”

In more positive Bieber news, he recently met Billie Eilish at Coachella, and that was a significant moment for Eilish, based on both her immediate reaction and all the times she’s talked about her Bieber fandom before.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.