Kaash Paige’s ‘All Girls Cry’ Video Finds Her Sitting In The Pain

Kaash Paige recently spoke with Uproxx about reconnecting with her hometown Dallas and realizing, “Whatever is meant for you is always gonna happen.” In her “All Girls Cry” video, Kaash bears out that sentiment. The moody visual perfectly mirrors the message within her Soundtrack 2 My Life single.

“You just know what to do with it / I just know and I pursue it / All girls cry, all girls cry,” Kaash coos. Her eyes are hidden by sunglasses but her heart is fully exposed. Sitting alone inside of an all-red room, she’s willing to sit in her uncomfortable emotions and observations. “You just play with my mind like no other, baby, why would you do that?” she poses in the introspective first verse.

The second verse zooms out the lens — “so many girls cry every night” — but still hinges on a relationship that’s painfully unresolved. Despite her tears and unanswered questions, Kaash would do it all again. “Come and hold me tonight, I know you miss this,” she sings.

“I’m not trying to be toxic,” Kaash additionally told Uproxx last month. “I might just have a little bit too much honesty in me, and it comes off [toxic] to certain people. But I feel like when people call me ‘toxic R&B princess’ or whatever – that was a cool era, but right now I’m in my rockstar era. I’m in my alternative R&B era where it’s like, if you still think it’s toxic, that’s how you perceive it. But I’m not going for that.”

Kaash’s S2ML era has included the release of singles “Doubted Me,” “Miss My Dawgs” featuring 6lack, and “24 Hrs” featuring Lil Tjay. Around the album’s November release, Kaash announced the Me Vs Myself Tour, her first headlining tour. The nine-date trek begins on January 27 in Oakland, California. Tickets are available here.

Watch the “All Girls Cry” video above.