Someone Made Kanye West’s Image The Google Photo For Uncle Ruckus From ‘The Boondocks’

Kanye West’s recent pivot to Christianity, claim that Democrats “brainwash” black people, and request for Jesus Is King collaborators to abstain from premarital sex has many comedically comparing the rapper to a cartoon character. Some are specifically comparing him to Uncle Ruckus from the popular Aaron McGruder series The Boondocks. Voiced by Gary Anthony Williams, Ruckus is a crude, short-tempered, self-hating antagonist who identifies as Caucasian and claims he suffers from “reverse vitiligo.” One person took the comparison joke one step further and made Kanye the Google image search result for the Boondocks character.

The switch was first noticed on Friday night. One fan typed “the boondocks characters” into Google. The first two results were the main characters Huey and Riley Freeman along with their corresponding animated photos. The third result was Uncle Ruckus. Instead of showing an animated character like the others, over Uncle Ruckus’ name was a photo of Kanye wearing a MAGA hat.

While the prank was probably meant for a laugh, some fans thought the comparison was too perfect.

The Google image prank arrives shortly after HBO announced The Boondocks will have a permanent home on their site. Aaron McGruder said he is working on a “modern-era” revival of the show. The revival was greenlit for two seasons by WarnerMedia and will be able to be viewed on the forthcoming streamer HBO Max upon release.