Kanye West Explains How Long Ago His Relationship With Jay-Z Got Shaky

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The current status of Kanye West’s relationship with Jay-Z is as confusing as the former’s apparent shift to alt-right mouthpiece. While the two have always had a brotherly relationship complete with rivalries and fights, it’s been even more fractious of late, despite many protestations to the contrary. If you ask Jay, the moment it all went south was during Kanye’s onstage rant where he revealed that their daughters had never shared a play date, but now, Kanye has asserted that it goes back even further than that.

In his two-hour interview with iHeartRadio’s Charlamagne tha God where he tries to explain his side of a number of controversial events, West says that he was hurt by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s refusal to come to his wedding.

“I’m not using this interview to put any negative things [out there],” he insists. “If it’s family, you’re not gonna miss a wedding… That one thing happens, then another thing happens, then another thing happens, and you start coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas in your head.” He points out that he’s “obviously the crazy cousin you can’t bring nowhere,” but that not having his “big brother” at his wedding hurt him.

He also addresses Jay’s assertion that his discussion of Jay’s kids was out of line. “If we’re family, if we’re brothers, then it’s my family. If we’re business associates, then it was too far,” he explains. It seems, though, that despite acknowledging that Jay and Beyonce may have had their own issues to deal with while Kanye and Kim were getting married, Kanye feels that his big brother let him down in a big way. Maybe with the actual issue stated, the pair can begin to clear the air. We may never get another Watch The Throne, but it’s possible that if anyone can reign in Kanye’s galaxy-brain tweeting, it’d be the man he calls his hero.

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