Kanye West And Tyler The Creator Are Seemingly Working On ‘Donda’ Together

Kanye West has been in the news for a lot of things in the better part of the last year, but not always for his music. Last summer, the rapper announced he would release his tenth album, Donda. He even went as far as sharing a release date, that being July 24, a cover art, and the tracklist for the effort, but the day came and went without the album.

In addition to that, 2020 concluded without the arrival of Donda, but now it looks like it could dropping sooner than later.


Rapper Consequence uploaded a video of Kanye and Tyler The Creator working on music together in a studio. Tyler stands eagerly behind Kanye, who is wearing a mask that fully covers his face, as the two listen to music. Consequence captioned the post, “ConsTV Exclusive. Ye x Tyler. Epic Level. Summer 21′.” While he did not reveal what the two were working on, a whiteboard near Kanye and Tyler listed nine songs from the former’s upcoming Donda album.

Back in March, frequent Kanye collaborator Cyhi The Prynce revealed that the rapper had gotten back to work on Donda after a short break. “I think [West] started working on it late last year,” he said. “Once November, December, January comes around, he kind of takes a hiatus, a little vacation break, get with the family. We’re back working, that’s why I’m out here, too.”

You can view the video from Consequence above and check out the tentative tracklist to Donda below.

1. “Remote”
2. “Daylight”
3. “Jonah”
4. “Hurricane”
5. “No Chior Left Open”
6. “New Again”
7. “I Know God Breathed On This”
8. “24 / You’re Gonna Be OK
9. “Come To Life”