Kehlani Accused Joe Budden Of Spreading ‘Misinformation And Lies’ About Her On His Podcast

Kehlani recently ended a relationship with YG weeks before they released the collaborative track “Konclusions.” While the single’s release was likely scheduled by her label, the song confused fans who knew the couple had recently separated. Kehlani squashed all confusion by releasing the post-breakup track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” which piqued the interest of Joe Budden. Budden broke down the song on an episode of his podcast, but Kehlani wasn’t too happy with what he had to say.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Kehlani spoke out against Budden. “Joe Budden is a joke,” she wrote. Kehlani replied to Budden in another tweet, saying he had been spreading “misinformation and lies and lameness” about her.

The Twitter exchange went down after the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal where Budden commented on Kehlani’s recent relationship. Budden critiqued the song “Valentine’s Day,” expressing his frustration that Kehlani’s lyrics were cryptic. “[‘Valentine’s Day’] is unlike any Kehlani record I’ve ever heard,” he said. “She really wants us to know how much of a piece of sh*t YG is, but she’s hiding behind the thin veil of ‘I’m not telling you guys who I’m talking about.’”

Kehlani and YG parted ways after some tumultuous time together. YG was reportedly captured with another woman on Halloween while the two were an item. Kehlani addressed YG’s alleged cheating in the track “You Know Wassup,” but continued the relationship for months afterward.

Listen to the Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal above.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.