Larry June Makes A Fated Connection In The Sun-Drenched ‘I’ll Make Time’ Video

Larry June keeps it as cool as the September breeze in his new video for “I’ll Make Time.” The San Francisco native has been promoting his new album, Spaceships On The Blade, with a string of sunny but lo-fi videos perfect for the album’s casual vibe. “I’ll Make Time” is no exception, finding Larry cruising through the California desert with the top down and repeatedly crossing paths with a pretty woman on a drive of her own. They don’t meet until near the end of the video, though, when Larry leaves his wallet in a diner after enjoying a glass of his favorite beverage.

I don’t know if you could call what’s happening with Larry June a “breakout.” He’s been around for quite a while and unlike some rappers who explode into the spotlight seemingly all at once with a viral hit, Larry has been easing his way into it, growing his following slowly but organically as his magnetic personality draws in listeners of fellow low-key luxury rappers like Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, and LE$ (all names he’s collaborated with over the years). Rather than pursuing radio or TikTok, Larry keeps up a steady stream of laid-back bangers like “Private Valet,” “Don’t Check Me,” and “Corte Madera, CA,” sticking to his guns and letting the world catch on.

The strategy appears to be working. Larry has secured a co-headlining spot on the returning Red Bull SoundClash with two events alongside Detroiter Babyface Ray in both rappers’ hometowns next month.

Watch Larry June’s “I’ll Make Time” video above.