Lil Baby’s New Track ‘Woah’ Finds The Rapper Boast-Rapping And Flexing On His Enemies

Lil Baby previewed “Woah” via his Twitter account last month during the last week of October. Though Lil Baby fans had to wait an extra week, “Woah” is out this week, as of Thursday, and the track serves as the artist’s second single off the forthcoming My Turn album.

The title of “Woah” derives from a popular dance that originated in Texas in the mid-2010s and went viral on the Internet. Lil Baby confirmed the title’s origin in the video snippet of “Woah” he previewed last week via Instagram by doing the “Woah” dance in a video.

Produced by Quay Global, Lil Baby boast-raps about his rich lifestyle, while flexing on his enemies that hate to see it on the actual “Woah” track.

“Brand new car is noisy, come through and it’s roarin’.” Lil Baby raps on the chorus. “You ain’t gotta worry / Don’t care about your boyfriend / See me and get nervous / I damn near did it perfect / Work hard and determine / It’s safe to say I earned it, woah.”

Anticipation remains high for Lil Baby’s second solo album My Turn.

Listen to “Woah” in the clip above, and check out our review of Lil Baby’s debut album Harder Than Ever here.