Lil Baby Breaks Out The Four-Wheelers In His Gritty ‘Stand On It’ Video

Lil Baby keeps the It’s Only Me rollout rolling with the video for “Stand On It.” There aren’t any bells or whistles here, just Baby going all the way in over a beat produced by Mattazik Muzik, NicoOnTheKeys, and Figurez Made It as he and his crew post up in the streets. The crew breaks out their ATVs as Lil Baby shows off the immaculate wardrobe he keep in his trunk, then he gets down to business, rapping like his life depends on it.

“Stand On It” was one of the new album’s breakout songs almost immediately but not just due to Lil Baby’s boastful rhymes. In the song’s first verse, he snarls, “I don’t want your bitch, we can’t swap out,” which many fans on Twitter took as a response to a remark fellow Quality Control artist Quavo made on Instagram last year. When a rumor surfaced that Lil Baby was dating Quavo’s ex Saweetie, the Migos member wrote, “Ain’t trippin’ we can swap it out!”

And although it appears that Lil Baby’s lyric is a direct response to that statemtent, Quavo seemingly addressed the rumor again on his and Takeoff’s new song “Messy,” rapping, “B*tch fucked my dog behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’ / You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it.” Whether that means he holds resentment toward Baby or not is unknown but fans have speculated that the two Atlanta rappers are on less-than-friendly terms ever since.

Watch Lil Baby’s “Stand On It” video above.

It’s Only Me is out now via Quality Control Music/Motown Records. Get it here.