Lil Durk Reveals Kanye West’s Plan For A Joint Project While Shutting Down A Pete Davidson Rumor

When Lil Durk announced his original 7220 release date was the same as Kanye West’s projected release date for Donda 2, many fans took it as a sign that Durk was challenging his fellow Chicagoan in the same way Kanye once challenged 50 Cent over a shared release date. However, February 22 has come and gone without a new album from either rapper; Durk instead released his “AHHH HA” video and announced he’d pushed by his album’s release, while Kanye only put out the first four tracks from Donda 2 through his stem player site.

Still, once a rumor has begun to spread, it’s hard to stop fans from speculating over something they consider at least possible (Twitter is the ultimate game of Telephone), so it wasn’t long before they began to posit nefarious motives for Durk’s date change. When one fan account suggested that Durk had acquired a feature from Pete Davidson for his album — which would antagonize Kanye, as Davidson is dating the rapper’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, something Kanye has repeatedly expressed his displeasure over — Durk stepped in to shut down the speculation.

“This a lie I don’t even play like that,” he wrote on Instagram, before revealing an even more intriguing proposition. “Plus Ye want to do a album together.”

The two Windy City rappers have certainly had opportunities to build chemistry. Durk, who recreated several of Kanye’s music videos in his own “Kanye Krazy” video last year, featured on the track “Jonah” from West’s original Donda with newcomer Vory after nearly missing out due to a missed flight. Meanwhile, both rappers are well-versed in the joint project format; Kanye famously helped kick off the trend with Watch The Throne with Jay-Z, while last year, Durk carried the torch alongside Lil Baby with Voice Of The Heroes.