Lil Nas X Says His Debut Album Is ‘Almost Finished’ While Teasing New Music

America’s favorite rap Black cowboy is close to saddling up and riding again. Lil Nas X says his debut album is “almost finished” in a new Instagram Story video he posted from the studio previewing clips of the new music that may appear on the completed project. In the Story, he posts both a video of himself rapping along to a new song and a text slide proclaiming that he’s “up at 4am listening to this almost finished album…” There are also plenty of “mannn” exclamations, showing his excitement for material.

He also updated his Instagram profile to read “ALBUM: 92% DONE,” implying that a release — or at least more news about the rollout — will be coming relatively soon. There’s been plenty of anticipation from fans for the project ever since his breakout song “Old Town Road” suggested a star in the making and 7 EP cuts “Panini” and “Rodeo” proved he wasn’t just a “one-hit wonder.”

Although he hasn’t spoken about the album much, fans can likely predict at least one major guest: Nicki Minaj. Nas once had a fan profile dedicated to the flamboyant rapper and has clearly modeled much of his aesthetic around her colorful costumes with some wild looks of his own. After Nas finally admitted to running the account (and the understandable reason he denied it for so long), he and Nicki reconciled via Twitter — an exchange that was prompted in the first place by Nas’ open invitation for a collaboration.

Check out Nas’ new music preview above.