Lil Pump Called Himself The ‘Most Lyrical Rapper Of All Time’ And Claimed That Science Proves It

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Rappers are a boastful bunch in general, but every so often, one will say or do something so outlandish, you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and watch the fireworks. With his debut album, Harverd Dropout, aiming for a February release, Lil Pump sent one such tweet that will likely have fans wondering whether he’s trolling for attention — or whether he really believes it.

With Toronto rapper/singer Tory Lanez challenging everyone from Joyner Lucas to JID to rap battles to prove his supremacy, Lil Pump seemingly threw his hat in the ring as well Monday night, tweeting, “It’s scientifically proven that I’m the most lyrical rapper of all time.” While he didn’t exactly provide any links to the body of evidence that would prove such a statement true, it didn’t take long to draw an emphatic response from hip-hop fans. Intriguingly enough, there actually was a study done that could help prove his point, but it came out way before he blew up.

The replies to his tweet quickly with the usual assortment of gifs, memes, and snarky comments. Of course, some agreed while other expressed disbelief or amusement at the thought that Lil Pump could be considered a lyrical rapper. While it’s true that songs like “Gucci Gang” and “Butterfly Doors” don’t necessarily display a whole bunch of complexity, there’s no telling what else he has in his bag. With his debut album coming out February 22, he’s got at least a little time left to try to prove himself right. Until then, enjoy some of the replies to his boast below.

Lil Pump is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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