Meek Mill Drags His Former MMG Compatriot Wale, Who He Says ‘Never Liked Me’

It looks like everybody in hip-hop is catching the rap beef bug. After Kendrick Lamar threw a lyrical chair in the direction of Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s new album a few weeks ago, all hell has broken loose. The chaos now encompasses GloRilla and JT, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and now, even Meek Mill is letting his Twitter fingers fly again (I guess he forgot what happened the last time he got too reckless online).

This time, the target for Meek’s ire is another frequent collaborator: former Maybach Music Group compatriot Wale, who apparently was seen in a photo with another rapper with whom Meek has an unfriendly relationship. Ant Glizzy, a rapper from Washington, DC — like Wale — had previously done an interview with Akademiks in which he suggested that Wale and Meek had so much friction that Wale apparently “hated” Meek.

After Wale wrote, “When u get in other people unserious drama in this industry 90pct of the time they be back friends… eventually ..and then u look silly,” Meek unleashed a torrent of criticism for his former labelmate, despite previously shutting down rumors of beef between the two.

Sharing a link to Akademiks’ TikTok (apparently ignoring he has had it in for the Instagram influencer for some time, as well), Meek snapped back, “I ignored this because if this was true you would be in danger … but now I see you around guys that’s on full meek campaigns.” In a follow-up, he also insinuated that he even risked his freedom while on probation to jump into a fight and save Wale, who was getting “beat up” at his own birthday party.

“When I met wale he got beat up at his bday party in dc got his teeth knocked out,” he wrote. “I jumped in because a celebrity like him invited me I was violating probation in dc risked my life… to find out he never liked me will make you angry! That’s just me tho… I tried to be cool with this lame for Ross business I woulda been treated him.”

Maybe Meek’s still drunk from partying at Wrestlemania… But at some point, you’d think he would learn to handle his problems out of the public eye.