Migos’ New Album May Not Be Called ‘Culture III’ After All

While it was previously reported that Migos have been working hard on their upcoming album, Culture III, during quarantine, a new interview has revealed that the three-man weave from North Atlanta may not end up releasing their next album under that title at all.

Speaking with GQ in a new piece discussing “creativity in the time of quarantine,” Offset remarked that the trio has still been working on their new album via regular calls with Quavo and Takeoff but that he has grown bored with the concept that drove their previous two albums.

“Ever since ‘Bad and Boujee’ went No. 1 and then we dropped Culture and Culture II, I’ve heard the word ‘culture’ so much,” he lamented. “As artists you challenge yourself—you have to keep moving forward. So I’ve been thinking of a plan to make something as powerful or more powerful [than Culture].”

He doesn’t mention that his daughter is also named “Kulture,” which may have contributed to his hearing the word so much, but he, Takeoff, and Quavo have also had two full years and three solo projects to reflect on the lukewarm reception to their second Culture album and polish their respective skills.

The efforts they’ve put in during quarantine have resulted in MIgos Monday releases “Taco Tuesday” and “Racks 2 Skinny,” as well as a promised mixtape before their third entry in the Culture series. However, if Offset has his way, we may getting something drastically different from what we’ve come to expect when quarantine is finally over.

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