Mulatto Performs ‘Youngest N Richest’ And More For A Regal Tiny Desk Concert

2020 XXL Freshman Mulatto adds another accomplishment to her growing list, delivering a regal performance for her first appearance on NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. Nixing the “desk” part, she employs both a violinist (Joy Black) and keyboardist (SK) and occupies a throne-like chair as she raps her way through “Youngest N Richest” and “Blame Me” while lounging around. She pops up for the closer, “He Say She Say,” leaving her crown on a side table so she can really get loose while SK embellishes the backing track.

Performing from home has allowed a greater variety of artists to appear on NPR Tiny Desk lately but it’s also something many fans with Mulatto would have adopted as personal policy as well. She recently came under scrutiny on social media for performing a raucous live show in a packed venue at the height of the increase in COVID-19 cases. Of course, her hometown of Atlanta is part of a state that has refused to shut down in response to the spread of the coronavirus, drawing similar scrutiny to 2 Chainz’s restaurant and other concerts held by DaBaby and more.

However, Mulatto herself continues to land prestigious placements, including on 2 Chainz’s new album on the single “Quarantine Thick” and on Kash Doll’s new song “Bad Azz” which debuted during the Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy Verzuz at Magic City in — where else? — Atlanta.

Watch Mulatto’s Tiny Desk Concert above.