Nick Cannon’s Baby-Related Announcement Is So Much Stranger Than You Thought — And Kevin Hart’s Involved

Fans thought Nick Cannon was going to announce a new baby. Instead, they’re getting a game show with Kevin Hart about making babies.

Let me back up.

Yesterday, the rapper-turned-TV-host — who has a reputation for being kind of a baby-making machine, fathering 12 kids with six different women — teased an upcoming announcement with wording that had fans nervous for lucky number 13. Instead, the announcement turned out to be so much weirder than anyone could have thought.

Instead of a new child, Cannon shared a trailer for a new game show on E! Network with Kevin Hart playing off of his reputation by having women compete with each other for a strange (and borderline gross, let’s be honest) grand prize: The honor of becoming Nick’s seventh baby mama. It’s like The Bachelor, I guess, except skipping the love/romance/marriage part and getting straight to the child support. No wonder he has so many jobs.

Joining Nick in this … ahem … endeavor is fellow comic Kevin Hart, who was among the many voices teasing his good buddy about his
prolificity last year, trolling him with a billboard giving away his phone number for “fatherhood advice” and sending him a vending machine full of condoms. Judging from the trailer, the competition will be quite zany and extend the comedic pairs’ long prank war. Check it out below.