No, Nick Cannon’s ‘Who’s Having My Baby,’ A Game Show Searching For A New Baby Mama, Probably Isn’t Real

Yesterday (March 7), Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart announced Who’s Having My Baby? with a trailer. What is it? It looked like an upcoming game show on E! hosted by Hart, in which Cannon looks for a new woman to impregnate and add to the whopping 12 children he already has.

Now, Who’s Having My Baby? is a ridiculous concept for a game show, but in some ways, it seemed somewhat plausible. Cannon has been eager to joke about his prolific paternity and Hart previously got in on the fun by sending Cannon a condom vending machine. Furthermore, perhaps impregnation wasn’t the literal goal of the game show, and the promo was just a clickbait-y sort of introduction for a show with a less atypical premise. E! getting in on the video made everything seem more real, too:

Ultimately, though, it does appear that Who’s Having My Baby? is fake, at least in terms of it being a genuine game show. Variety reports that the idea is “actually a gag, orchestrated by comedian Kevin Hart, as a sketch for an upcoming, not-yet-announced project,” which could be announced as soon as today, per “insiders.”

Neither Cannon nor Hart have yet to drop the bit and reveal the show isn’t real, but it appears an announcement on that front is coming soon.