Offset Interrupted Cardi B’s Rolling Loud Set With Flowers To Ask For Forgiveness

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A lovesick Offset interrupted Cardi B‘s Rolling Loud set bearing flowers to ask his ex to take him back. Rolling out four boxes of flower arrangements that spelled out “TAKE ME BACK,” the lovelorn rapper popped up from backstage to apologize to Cardi, who seemed less than impressed by the public show of affection.

While the crowd jeered, Offset said, “I just want to tell you I’m sorry. You’re my best friend in the world. Whatever I got to do to show I love you, I’ll do.” Unfortunately for him, she didn’t seem all that amenable to reconciling — at least, not in front of thousands of howling fans, many of whom have already taken to Twitter to voice their opinions, from imploring Cardi to consider forgiveness, to upbraiding Offset for upstaging his ex, to sassing both for pulling what some are calling a publicity stunt.

Cardi B first announced that she was splitting up with her husband and co-parent to her daughter, Kulture, two weeks ago, when she posted an Instagram video explaining that they’d be divorcing soon. Since then, rumors have swirled accusing Offset of repeated infidelities that Cardi eventually could no longer abide. Meanwhile, Offset has made a few plays at getting her back, despite the fact that she’s even changing her “Motorsport” verse lyrics to reference their impending divorce.

He used part of his own surprise appearance at Rolling Loud during 21 Savage’s set yesterday to induce the crowd to perform a “take him back” chant, then apologized for being a “selfish, messed up husband” on Instagram this morning. In the middle of all this, he never got around to releasing his long-promised solo album, an oversight for which some of his fans are already blaming Cardi. See some of the fan responses below.

If nothing else, Offset’s showing that he isn’t afraid to go in for grand gestures, but for now, it doesn’t look like Cardi is falling for his rom-com-inspired antics just yet.

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