Polo G Mixes Things Up With His ‘Beat Box’ Freestyle, Adding ‘Whoopty’ And More

Now that seemingly everyone and their momma has rapped over SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box” beat, you could argue the trend has reached its peak and it’s all downhill from here. However, it looks like Polo G has found a way to mix it up and keep the party going for just a little bit longer. The Chicago journeyman’s “For My Fans (Freestyle)” video, in which he goes in on “Beat Box,” also includes beats from more contemporary hits like CJ’s “Whoopty” and Coi Leray’s “No More Parties.”

The three-part video, directed by Ryan Lynch, follows Polo and his crew as they roam the city, doing the dances from the songs’ various viral challenges — i.e. the Junebug on “Beat Box” — and has Polo switching up his delivery to match the respective beats. On the first, he’s got an aggressive, yell-rap style that plays with the aggressive 808s of “Beat Box,” then a mellower flow over “Whoopty,” until finally, he shows off his hum-rap on “No More Parties.”

Polo is just the latest rapper to try his hand at rapping over the “Beat Box” instrumental. Previously, DaBaby, Deante’ Hitchcock, and Mulatto all rapped to the track, with DaBaby’s and Mulatto’s videos causing minor controversies. DaBaby was censured by JoJo Siwa fans for name-checking the teen pop star, while Mulatto sparked a back-and-forth with Renni Rucci that had fans buzzing on Twitter.

Watch Polo G’s “For My Fans (Freestyle)” video above.