Polo G Gets Advice From NBA Hall Of Famer Scottie Pippen

Polo G wasn’t even born yet when the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen-led Bulls tore up the NBA and redefined excellent in the game of basketball with six championships throughout the 1990s, but the Chicago native is mindful enough of their legacy to recognize that a nod to the greats would pair nicely with his new album Hall Of Fame. To that end, Polo shared “Hall Of Fame Conversations,” a video in which he interviews the NBA Hall Of Famer Scottie Pippen.

Polo turns out to be a pretty decent interviewer asking Pippen about the championships and accolades that the NBA legend has accumulated over the years. The conversation also allows Polo to speak on his own journey, highlighting how relatively quickly he’s reached the upper echelon of rap stardom over the course of his last three albums. Meanwhile, Scottie draws parallels between the rap game and hoops, complimenting the hard work that Polo has put in to follow his dream.

In addition to “Hall Of Fame Conversations,” Polo G has released videos for “Painting Pictures,” “No Return,” “Gang Gang,” and “Rapstar.”

Watch Polo G’s “Hall Of Fame Conversation” with NBA Hall Of Famer Scottie Pippen above.

Hall Of Fame is out now on Columbia. Get it here.