A Video Of Quavo And Saweetie Having A Fight In An Elevator Has Surfaced

Last week, fans of the Quavo and Saweetie couple were devastated to learn that the pair had broken up. Although both artists shared claims that the other was at fault, many fans speculated that Quavo’s infidelity was the reason behind the split. However, today, TMZ surfaced a new video that shows the two had a lot more problems than it appeared on the surface.

In the video, Quavo and Saweetie have an altercation in an elevator, caught by the elevator’s security camera. Saweetie takes a swing at Quavo, and the two scuffle over an orange suitcase with Quavo ultimately grabbing Saweetie and flinging her to the floor of the elevator. There is no sound, so we can’t hear what the two say to each other, but there’s some discussion before Saweetie gets up and walks past Quavo, who stays behind after propping open the door with the suitcase.

The former couple was a fan favorite before their breakup, with the story of Quavo’s DM icebreaker becoming a meme and sweet, behind-the-scenes stories filtering into their interviews. Fans fawned over the couple’s luxurious gifts to each other, but in her tweet confirming their breakup, Saweetie admitted that gifts weren’t enough to “band aid scars.” While those scars were initially thought to be emotional, this new revelation prompts the question of whether some were physical as well.

You can watch the video on TMZ.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. .