Rapsody Is ‘Back In My Bag’ With An Aggressive New Video From Her Album, ‘Please Don’t Cry’

Rap is back. Rapsody’s new album, Please Don’t Cry, is now out on DSPs, and with it, the video for “Back In My Bag” arrived today. Opening with a short interview with Rapsody in an empty arena talking about her personal evolution in the years since her last album release, Eve, the video then transitions into a hard-hitting clip with Rap performing the song as she rides around in a blacked-out truck, gets a tattoo, and mean mugs, ’90s-style, with her crew.

“Back In My Bag” follows “Asteroids,” “Stand Tall,” and “3:AM” with Erykah Badu as the fourth song from the album to receive a music video.

In her interview with Uproxx about the new album, she explained where she got the title. “I was on Pinterest and I found the title within a quote, and it said, “No, please don’t cry. You won’t always feel so broken.” And that’s what it is. It’s all temporary. It doesn’t last forever. But the grace is, allow yourself to feel it, but don’t sit in it. That’s all.”

Watch Rapsody’s “Back In My Bag” video above.

Please Don’t Cry is out now via Jamla Records / Roc Nation Records. Get it here.