Remble And Lil Yachty Trade Hilarious, Punchline-Packed Verses On The Irreverent ‘Rocc Climbing’

Among the hilarious bars dispensed on Remble’s new single “Rocc Climbing” with Lil Yachty, the two rappers issue side-splitting witticisms such as, “I’m a known home wrecker, like Jerry Springer” and “A lot these Instagram hoes look just like aunties.” Look, none of this stuff is very PC, but it is undoubtedly funny, if only for its audacity and not the eye-popping contrast between the two artists’ unusual deliveries.

On one side, Lil Yachty is in full Michigan Boy Boat mode, deploying the marble-mouthed, overstuffed rhyme schemes of his collaborators on that mixtape with his usual, un-enunciated, lethargically mellow flow. On the other, Remble pronounces every phoneme of every word in every bar, which sounds a little like if one of the guys from Big Bang Theory grew up in South Central gangbanging. Drakeo The Ruler‘s influence hovers over the whole thing — and if you’ve never noticed the affinity between the off-kilter cadences of both LA’s emerging underground and Michigan’s, you will never un-hear the similarities now.

“Rocc Climbing” is Remble’s first new single since releasing his debut mixtape It’s Remble this summer. The release considerably raised the San Pedro rapper’s profile, and his association with the never-not-working Drakeo’s Stinc Team more or less ensures that more music is on the way.

Watch Remble’s “Rocc Climbing” video featuring Lil Yachty above.