Rexx Life Raj Adopts A Creative Safety Solution In The Cheeky ‘Bad Bad Bad’ Video

Berkeley rapper Rexx Life Raj has already copped a “Tesla In A Pandemic,” but when it comes to other outdoor activities, the need for creative solutions to COVID safety spawned a forward-thinking video for the latest single from his California Poppy 2 EP, “Bad Bad Bad.” Remember that weird spacesuit-looking protective shell that was proposed as a possible way to save festivals back in May 2020? Well, it looks like Raj got his hands on one like it, and uses his “Bad Bad Bad” video as something of an infomercial for the possibilities it opens up.

Among them: An outdoor three-on-three basketball game in which Raj proves his athletic prowess extends beyond the football field, a picnic at the park, and a walking tour of his Bay Area hometown. Aside from making him look like a character from Among Us, the suit also provides a perhaps unintended use as a personal hotbox during a smoke session with his crew. All in all, Raj uses the innovative suit to participate in a wide range of daily activities that would normally require a mask while acknowledging that yes, the thing looks very silly.

Watch Rexx Life Raj’s cheeky “Bad Bad Bad” video above.

California Poppy 2 is out now via Empire. Get it here.