Rick Ross Shows Love To Nate Robinson After He Was Knocked Out By Jake Paul

On Saturday night Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr., but their big bout was almost upstaged by the preliminary “undercard” fight, which found Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson taking on YouTuber Jake Paul. Those who assumed a guy mostly known for controversial social media posts wouldn’t stand a chance were wrong: Paul wound up triumphant over Robinson, scoring a first-round knockout. The fight produced an onslaught of memes and jokes, with people making fun of the former Knicks guard for losing the matchup so quickly. Despite this, musician Rick Ross opted to show Robinson some love.


“We still f*ck with you Nate,” the Maybach Music rapper said in a video he shared to his Instagram story. “Everything good, n***a. We know you play basketball, n***a, you ain’t bought. Somebody tricked you into getting that check, we still f*ck with you.” The next day, Ross continued to support Robinson, writing, “But this what I want you to do, Nate,” he said. “I want you to still go get you a 50-piece WingStop and find a way to enjoy the day. All the memes going on. Everybody face down, ass up. I get it, I get it. But Nate, you went in there and got you a check, just look at the positive.”