Rihanna Offers A Heartfelt Reflection On 15 Years In The Music Industry

Rihanna has come a long way since her breakout single “Pon De Replay.” Not only has the singer been awarded 9 Grammys and a number of other accolades, but Rihanna has gone on to launch two successful brands, done a great deal of charity work, and has become the world’s wealthiest female musician. Now, 15 years after her debut single, Rihanna shares with fans a reflection on her time in the music industry.

Rihanna was first launched into the industry when she arrived at Def Jam 15 years ago to audition for Jay-Z. Rihanna sang him a demo of what would become her breakout hit, “Pon De Replay,” and the rest is history. Reflecting on her career anniversary, Rihanna offered a heartfelt note of gratitude to fans and everyone who has supported her career along the way:

“Man this feels trippy. Feels like just yesterday I was shaking in the hallways of Def Jam waiting to audition for Jay. Pon de Replay is where it all began….15 years later and I’m here because God led me to you, and you guys have held me up, supported me, tolerated me, loved me, kept it too real with me, and we got always be connected because of that!”

Now that Rihanna has celebrated 15 years in the music industry, hopefully the singer decides it’s time to release new music, which she has been taunting fans with. Most recently, Rihanna teased fans by saying she “lost” her record, but just a few months ago she had admitted that she was working “very aggressively” on new music.

Read Rihanna’s full statement above.