Roddy Ricch Wants To Drop ‘Feed Tha Streets 3’ After His Next Tour: ‘The Fans Need It’

Plenty of rappers have had label squabbles recently, and it looks like Roddy Ricch has joined the ever-growing list. He’s been promising fans the third edition of his Feed Tha Streets mixtape series for some time, and despite his label, Atlantic, not counting it as an album against his contract, he still plans to put it out for the sake of his supporters.

In a post on Instagram, Roddy shared a screenshot of a text message between him and his managers. Roddy writes, “The label don’t wanna count Feed Tha Streets 3 as an album cuz it’s always been a mixtape series but the fans need it so let’s drop when I get off tour.” This announcement was met with excitement by fans in his comments section — and with skepticism in others.

Due to the lukewarm response to Roddy’s last full-length album, Live Life Fast, some believe Feed Tha Streets 3 could be a make or break moment for him. In reality, there’s no such thing — artists’ careers have always had peaks and valleys and now, thanks to social media and streaming, they can at least weather those storms without worrying about trying to appeal to everyone and focus on their own fan bases — which is apparently exactly what Roddy intends to do with Feed Tha Streets 3.

Roddy will be on tour with Post Malone on the Twelve Carat Toothache Tour until November 15, when the tour concludes in his hometown, Los Angeles, at Staples — sorry, Arena (ugh). Considering his penchant from dropping in December, maybe we can expect that tape sometime around Christmas.

Roddy Ricch is a Warner Music artist. .