Rowdy Rebel Goes To War With Himself On The Conflicted ‘Rowdy Vs. Rebel’

Rowdy Rebel seems to have resolved some of those label issues because he’s back with new music for the first time since last year, not including his “Ah Haaa” freestyle and appearance on Bobby Shmurda’s “Shmoney.” Perhaps Bobby’s departure from Epic freed up some funds or gave him the leverage he needed to secure a release date. Either way, Rowdy goes to war with himself — and the world — on the conflicting, sinister “Rowdy Vs. Rebel.”

Featuring a thundering drill beat — Rowdy’s new preferred mode of communication — “Rowdy Vs. Rebel” finds the Brooklyn native comparing and contrasting his dueling natures. While his “Rowdy” half is characterized as the professional artist who wants nothing more than to pursue success and stay out of trouble, the “Rebel” in him seeks out conflict. “Rowdy just wanna rap, Rebel just wanna trap,” he rhymes. “Rebel wanna slide, Rowdy wanna chat.” I can’t help but picture those old cartoons where Tom the cat or whoever has an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other trying to convince him what to do next.

For his sake, let’s all hope he listens to his better nature because we’ve had to wait for six years for him to get out of prison and with music this compelling, it’d suck if he went and got himself locked up again before his album comes out.

Listen to Rowdy Rebel’s “Rowdy Vs. Rebel” above.