Nicki Minaj’s Comeback Instagram Made Google Searches For ‘Pink Crocs’ Skyrocket

The makers of Crocs may want to send Nicki Minaj a gift basket after her most recent Instagram post sent interest in their products skyrocketing per worldwide Google trends. The formerly ridiculed footwear brand has seen its cool quotient increase over the past year as fans post their customized pairs on social media, but Nicki Minaj’s post saw searches for “pink Crocs” shoot up over 100 percent after she posted a nearly nude photo of herself sitting on a desk wearing the comfy foam clogs.

According to MarketWatch, the rise in Crocs’ popularity was likely prompted by both the equivalent rise in comfort styling due to the pandemic and resulting quarantine and the brand’s recent collaborations with pop stars such as Post Malone, who gave free pairs of his collab to students at his old high school and healthcare workers, Bad Bunny, whose collaborative pair glows in the dark, and Justin Bieber, whose Drew House design apparently jump-started the brand’s stock by 11 percent.

It’s safe to say that celebrity endorsements like Nicki’s have brought the brand back from the dead after it nearly declared bankruptcy just a few years ago. Meanwhile, whatever Nicki’s got planned for “F R I D A Y,” you can be sure it’ll stir up its fair share of attention, too.