Slowthai Has Some ‘Thoughts’ To Share In His Grimy New Video

Although grime has become internationally recognized, the roots of the genre still lie in a DIY, stripped-down aesthetic and freestyle verses from MCs recalling the details of their hardscrabble lives. That aesthetic is central to the new video from Northhampton rapper Slowthai’s new video “Thoughts.” Circling up with his “bruddahs” in a parking lot at night, Slowthai blazes through a burly verse detailing his mindset and venting his feelings.

The song likely won’t appear on his upcoming album Tyron but is a strong reminder that although he’s now working with big names like Disclosure, Gorillaz, and more, he still has the chops to return to the streets any time — and still make the local constabulary nervous. A handful of officers oversee the shoot, nodding to grime still being considered dangerous by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the two videos that Slowthai has released from Tyron so far demonstrate how far the rapper has come creatively. “Feel Away,” which includes features from James Blake and Mount Kimbie, found Slowthai giving birth in a surreal concept, while “NHS” found a slick way to incorporate quarantine into its low-key treatment.

Watch Slowthai’s “Thoughts” video above.

Gorillaz is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.