Syd Races For Love In Her Upbeat ‘Right Track’ Video With Smino

So, a couple of things about Syd’s endearing, upbeat new song “Right Track“: First and foremost, it has been way too long since we heard from The Internet‘s frontwoman on the solo tip, so this and her other 2021 singles like “Missing Out” and “Fast Car” are more than welcome. I hope that it means she’s going to put out another solo album soon (you all slept on Fin and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves). Secondly, it’s always fun to hear her on more energetic, bouncy fare like this, especially as it so closely evokes the sound and feel of The Nepturnes’ prime-era R&B work. More of this, please.

But finally, and perhaps most importantly, the representation Syd offers in the song’s simple but effective video is so needed. Rather than shoot for salaciousness as previous depictions of same-sex female relationships have, which indulges the male gaze far too much to really be considered true representation, Syd offers a more evocative angle that works way better at suggesting the type of romance she sings about on “Right Track.” The masc-femme dynamic also offers a nice counterpoint to much of the hypersexualized depictions of queer love, while the cinematography itself is clean and gorgeous to look at.

Oh, and I guess, fourth: Add Smino to more things. All the things. Smino is so much fun, even when he’s just popping up to deliver a smooth verse like the one he offers here.

Watch Syd’s “Right Track” video above.