SZA Finally Fulfilled Her Lifelong Wish Of Visiting ‘Sesame Street,’ Now Fans Are Ready To Unlock Their Inner Child

With only two studio albums under her belt, SZA has quickly become a legend within R&B music. As the public patiently awaits her Lana project, SOS continues to dominate the charts in record-breaking fashion. But to the “Saturn” singer, chart placement, touring numbers, and multiple Grammy Awards are nothing compared to her latest accomplishment.

Yesterday (March 1), she took to X (formerly Twitter) to tease her forthcoming appearance on Sesame Street, fulfilling one of her lifetime wishes. The photo featured several residents of the beloved block. “God’s timing,” she wrote. “Follow your dreams and say them out loud. Never give up. Anything is possible. I believe in you. 🫶🏾🥹💛”

To add to the already adorable moment, SZA snagged a selfie video with everyone’s favorite monster, Elmo, during her giddy trip. In the clip, the two gush about the great day they had with one another.

Following the news, fans chimed in online, letting SZA know they are ready to unlock their inner child when the episode airs.

“SZA on ‘Sesame Street’ is bound to bring some joy and excitement,” wrote one user.

“Looks like SZA’s bringing some serious street cred to Sesame Street! Can’t wait to see who she’s jamming with on the block, 🎶🪆” added another.

“This is such a wholesome photo,” penned another.

It is unclear when the episode will air, but as it approaches, SZA or Sesame Street is sure to make a formal announcement.