Teezo Touchdown Has Six Legs And An Angelic Voice In The ‘First Night’ Video With Denzel Curry, Juicy J, Cochise, And Lil B

On January 26, Cole Bennett shepherded All Is Yellow, his first-ever Lyrical Lemonade compilation album, into the world. Bennett promised a video would accompany each of the album’s 14 tracks, and the prolific director is keeping his word by slowly releasing them from the vault, including “Fly Away” in February and “Doomsday 2” earlier this month. On Wednesday, March 20, the Bennett-directed video for “First Night” with Teezo Touchdown, Juicy J, Cochise, Denzel Curry, and Lil B arrived.

As has become customary with Lyrical Lemonade videos, the “First Night” video begins with an all-yellow curtain as the backdrop. A stretched-out Teezo sits in front of it — with six legs sprawled in front of him — as he sings, “Come and let me teach you how to sing / Oh, you didn’t know that I could sing? Oh, girl, you know that I can sing The whole world know that I can sing.” Teezo ends the first verse with a request: “Somebody help me sing about me.”

That cues a trap beat to drop and Juicy J to emerge from behind a yellow curtain. Similarly to Teezo, Juicy J has cartoonishly humongous hands. Eventually, Cochise and Curry join Juicy J in the empty movie theater — spitting shameless, whiplash-inducing bars about no-strings sex and money.

In the serene outro, Lil B plays devil’s advocate: You know, one-night stands are alright / But love is the greatest / Having sex on the first night is cool / But we could wait / It’s so much love in this world / Take your time, ask questions first, let’s talk / It’s so much respect in the air / Don’t worry about it / But you could f*ck, too, if you want / But don’t feel like you got to.”

Lil B disappears behind the yellow curtain as Teezo Touchdown restarts his intro.

Watch the “First Night” video above.