Teyana Taylor Has Teased The Release Date Of Her Anticipated Third Record, ‘The Album’

Teyana Taylor returned in 2018 with her strong sophomore effort K.T.S.E. The record earned Taylor a number of accolades and fans have been anxious for its follow-up ever since. Following a busy period for the rapper, Taylor told fans that her third record was complete just a few weeks ago. Now, Taylor has set a ballpark release date for her upcoming record, The Album.

Making the announcement on social media, Taylor revealed to fans that her record will be released in June of this year. The rapper hasn’t divulged much more information, other than the fact that The Album was produced by Kanye West during his Wyoming sabbatical. But fans can rest easy knowing it won’t be too much longer until Taylor shares more music. Check out Taylor’s announcement and cover art below.

The unveiling of her third record arrives after a busy couple of months for the rapper. Not only did she recently hop on a track from the AI influencer Miquela, but Taylor also teamed up with Red Bull for a documentary surrounding her large-scale production show House Of Petunia at last year’s Red Bull Music Festival in Atlanta. The documentary follows Taylor’s spectacular, all-women production team who worked tirelessly to create the show-stopping performance, complete with multiple outfit changes and a cameo from her young daughter.

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