The Weeknd Reveals The Title Of His New Album With A Surreal Teaser Video

Canadian mood music purveyor The Weeknd has been teasing his new album for months. He’s tweeted about “Chapter 6″ coming soon and said that he’s in full “album mode.” He repaired his fractured relationship with fellow Toronto star Drake. He dropped a pair of glitzy new singles and their respective music videos, “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights.” He even performed both songs on late-night — The Late Show and Kimmel Live!, respectively. However, through all of that, he still hadn’t revealed the title of the upcoming album — until now.

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Album Title

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In keeping with the air of mystery he cultivated early in his career and has seemingly been looking to recapture since becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the world, it’s all been building up to a big reveal which takes place in the video above. After watching The Weeknd cruise in a convertible through a tunnel and a surreal cityscape, the title is revealed letter-by-letter: After Hours.

Now that we know what the album is called, there’s still an ironic opacity to the reveal — namely, that we don’t know when After Hours comes out. It’s just like The Weeknd to keep us all in the dark, even while he dazzles us with blinding lights.

Watch The Weeknd’s album title reveal teaser above.

After Hours is out soon on XO Records / Republic Records.