‘Abbott Elementary’ Fans Are Freaking Out About Its Latest Cameos, Including Vince Staples And A 76ers Legend

In just two short seasons, Abbott Elementary has become an outright sensation. The show, which is kind of like The Office or Parks And Recreation set in a Philadelphia public elementary school, has garnered rave reviews for its heart and laugh-out-loud comedic touch. However, another aspect of its popularity that can’t be overlooked is its cameos and commitment to its Philadelphia setting.

While comedian/rapper Zack Fox played an integral role in the first season, the second season has upped the ante, with a hilarious appearance from Philly Flyers mascot Gritty, and in the show’s latest episode which aired last night, Vince Staples and 76ers legend Andre Iguodala. They join a cast that is already full of delightful comedic personalities including Tyler James Williams (from Everybody Hates Chris), Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Quinta Brunson, the show’s creator and main character, rookie educator Janine Teagues.

And since Staples is cast as a romantic rival to Williams’ Gregory for Janine’s affections, fans are rightfully freaking out, since Greg and Janine are the show’s “will they, won’t they” couple. Williams and Brunson’s smoldering chemistry doesn’t hurt either.

Iggy’s appearance is played more for straight laughs, as he appears as the boyfriend of the school’s irresponsible principal, Ava (portrayed by James). Fans were naturally excited to get yet another Philly reference on the show, which has nodded to Sixers basketball a couple of times this season, including with Janine’s Halloween costume of James Harden.

The show is going into its winter hiatus. Still, it will return in early 2023 — undoubtedly with more fun surprises and complications in the ongoing story of the interoffice romance between Janine and Greg (and hopefully, more Ava/Iggy shenanigans).