Vince Staples Delivers An ‘Explosive’ LA Leakers Freestyle

With Vince Staples’ long-awaited self-titled album dropping this Friday, he’s doing the usual media tour, stopping by the hometown radio station, Power 106, to deliver an in-depth freestyle on the LA Leakers show over a classic West Coast instrumental. Taking on the beat from Dr. Dre’s 1999 2001 standout, “Xxplosive,” the Long Beach native gets especially busy with a wordplay-riddled verse that names names, makes big claims, and casts a skeptical glare at the rap game.

Let’s talk about those claims though. Among them, Vince insists:

– He’s done more for the Black community “than them Obamas did.”
– He has tagged the walls in his neighborhood every week.
– He fell off the grid in order to attend fútbol games in Spain.
– He lived out his favorite songs, which include 50 Cent’s “Many Men.”
– He will kill you if you say his name in his song. No rap.

Also, he shouts out Carmelitos, a place very near and dear to my heart. I’ll go ahead and say it: This is the best LA Leakers freestyle in a while.

In addition to absolutely disintegrating the Power 106 microphone, Vince has released two singles for the album, “Law Of Averages” and “Are You With That?,” written a comic book, Limbo Beach, and reminded fans he’s been real since Summertime 06.

Watch Vince Staples’ “explosive” LA Leakers freestyle above.

Vince Staples drops 7/9 on Blacksmith/Motown. Pre-save it here.