Vince Staples’ Relaxed ‘Law Of Averages’ Is The Long-Awaited Start Towards His Third Album

Vince Staples hasn’t exactly disappeared since releasing his 2018 project, FM!. The Long Beach rapper has been and remains a comical presence on social media while contributing guest verses to artists that include Tiana Major9, Lil Yachty, and Reason. However, in the nearly three years since FM!, supporters of Vince have sought and remained patient for the arrival of his third album. Luckily for them, the rapper revealed that he actually has two projects on the way, one titled Ramona Park Broke My Heart and another Vince Staples. It’ll be a while until either of those arrive, but thankfully, Vince begins the rollout for it with his brand new single, “Law Of Averages.”

The track arrives with a grainy video that captures Vince posted up with the homies in his neighborhood as he raps over the track’s soulful production. There’s good reason to be excited about Vince’s upcoming self-titled album and Ramona Park Broke My Heart. The former is an effort that features heavy production from Kenny Beats, who has a great resume filled with impressive work with a wide array of acts.

“[Kenny] sent me a beat that I recorded on, and it just went from there,” Vince said about the project. “We didn’t go into it intentionally thinking that we would end up with as much as we had. We ended up working two days a week for a month, from after Thanksgiving until before Christmas in 2020. A couple of weeks in, we looked up, and we had some stuff.”

Prior to that, Killer Mike had nothing but positive words to say about one of Vince’s upcoming albums. Every time I C @vincestaples my spirit is lifted,” he wrote in an Instagram post. He added, “After hearing his new project I repeat and repeat he beyond ‘Gifted’. Love & Respect always!”

You can listen to “Law Of Averages” in the video above.