Who Is J.Cyrus? Meet Doja Cat’s Rumored New Boo

Doja Cat has been having fun leaking parts of her forthcoming album with fans online. But she couldn’t have been prepared for paparazzi exposing her supposed relationship with J.Cyrus (real name Jeffrey Cyrus) online. Welp, it’s too late for that now that the cat is out of the bag. Images of the “Vegas” rapper and Cyrus enjoying a lover’s dip on vacation inadvertently dug up things from her rumored boo’s past.

So, who is J.Cyrus, exactly? The New Orleans, Louisiana native first found success on the now-defunct social media app Vine. Occasionally, he will upload different comedic skits on his official YouTube channel and across his Instagram page.

Since then, he’s dabbled in several different sectors of the entertainment business, including music. His most popular songs are the 2018 track “Slowly Falling” and the 2015 single “Sank Ship” featuring The Classmatez. After battling addiction, Cyrus sought treatment and used his music to encourage others to do the same.

As a creative person with a unique sense of humor, it seems that Doja Cat has found the perfect partner. However, J.Cyrus’ past racially insensitive tweets resurfaced. Now fans of the rapper are urging her to call things off before things get too serious. View his past tweets and fans’ reactions to their alleged coupling below.