The Wu-Tang Clan Met James Comey, So Maybe They’ll Get Their Martin Shkreli Album Back Now

The saga of the rare Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has been long an confusing, and it’s not over yet. Martin Shkreli of course bought the one-of-a-kind album, tried selling it on eBay, and now he has to forfeit it to the government, who may auction it off. RZA previously said he tried to get the album back from Shkreli after he put it on eBay, and while that attempt proved unsuccessful, the group isn’t done trying to regain control of the record.

It turns out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions could decide what happens to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, so when Wu-Tang members Ghostface Killah and Method Man popped up on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, they addressed Sessions directly, and by “Sessions” I mean a Keebler cookie that Colbert has been using as a stand-in for Sessions on his show.

“First of all, that album belongs to the people,” Method Man said, before Ghostface chimed in, “Yeah, and Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck with, too.” Then, after negotiating with cookie Sessions, they failed to get the album back, although they did bite his head off. All is not lost, though, since the two made a powerful friend backstage.

James Comey, who Donald Trump fired as Director of the FBI nearly a year ago now, was also a guest on last night’s episode, so Method Man and Ghostface took the opportunity to get a photo with him, and Ghostface posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Me and my brother [Method Man] working on getting that album back from the feds… Wu-Tang forever.”

Comey is a man with government ties, so maybe the Wu-Tang Clan can leverage their new connection and get the album back where it belongs: In the hands of the people.

Watch Method Man and Ghostface on The Late Show above.