Young Nudy Runs A Funhouse Of Horror In His Eerie ‘Dr Ev4l’ Video

Young Nudy runs a funhouse of horror in his eerie ‘Dr Ev4l’ video which dropped today supporting his album of the same name. The Atlanta rapper performs his rapid-fire verses in a darkened warehouse featuring demonic-looking props and a creepy fortune teller machine which gives him a ticket with one directive, “Kill Or Be Killed.”

The theme is appropriate for the album, which is inspired by Nudy’s love of horror films — something he shares with his cousin 21 Savage, who appears on the album single “Child’s Play.” The “kill or be killed” directive can also be seen as a nod to the Saw series, which Savage helped soundtrack as executive producer of the companion album for Spiral: From The Book Of Saw, which dropped the same haunting night as Dr Ev4l. Nudy also appeared on the project on the song “You Ain’t Hard.”

The duo’s shared love for horror havoc recently jumped into the real world when their collaboration “EA” soundtracked a viral video in which a group of partying college students stomped their way right through the floor of an Airbnb. The collapse caused $15,000 of damage, which they started a GoFundMe to raise in order to pay back the owner.

Watch Young Nudy’s ‘Dr Ev4l’ video above.

Dr Ev4l is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.