Young Thug’s Lyrics Are Being Used As Evidence In The Racketeering Indictment Against Him

Even as efforts to eliminate the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal cases continue, one rapper (who was criticized not that long ago for the inscrutability of his rhymes) is facing a federal case in which much of the evidence against him comes from his lyrics. Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis acquired and shared the full 88-page indictment against Young Thug, who is being accused of racketeering by federal authorities who call his label, YSL Records, a criminal organization. The indictment includes several of Young Thug’s lyrics, which Lewis posted to Twitter.

Among them are bars from songs such as “Anybody,” from Thug’s 2018 EP Hear No Evil, his 2014 single “Eww,” Slime Language 2 hit single “Ski,” and “Slatty,” from that same compilation. All are described as “overt act(s) in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

Along with Young Thug, 27 other people including his rap protege Gunna, were charged with 56 counts of murder, armed robbery, and participation in criminal street gang activity. Gunna faces one count of conspiracy, while Thug, YSL’s founder, is accused of renting a car used in a 2015 murder and greenlighting an attempt on fellow rapper YFN Lucci in Fulton County Jail (also on racketeering charges).

Unfortunately, Young Thug isn’t the only rapper to have his rhymes used against him. Bobby Shmurda only recently completed a six-year sentence on similar charges when his lyrics were used against him, and before being released from jail, Drakeo The Ruler had his raps held over his head as the former Los Angeles County District Attorney tried to argue his Stinc Team crew was a criminal organization.

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