All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

As June comes to a close, the pop artists this week still managed to bring the heat. Between fiery tracks, dance anthems, and even some emotional stories, there’s always a range of releases to fit everyone’s mood. Over the weekend, some of the musicians on this list also delivered with their Glastonbury sets.

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Maisie Peters — “BSC”

An abbreviation for “bat sh*t crazy,” Maisie Peters proves she isn’t afraid to throw jabs on “BSC,” a standout from her newly-released sophomore album, The Good Witch. Despite the title, here she embraces the darkness, warning someone who broke her that “I can write you out the way I wrote you in.”

The Weeknd, Jennie, Lily-Rose Depp — “One Of The Girls”

As the season finale of The Idol is approaching, the past episode saw a collaboration between The Weeknd (who plays Tedros, a cult leader) and Blackpink’s Jennie (Dyanne, a backup dancer who is becoming a pop star). “One Of The Girls” blends The Weeknd’s darker production and lyricism with Jennie’s lighter, dreamier vocals.

Kim Petras –“Claws”

Petras dropped her major label debut album, Feed The Beast, over the weekend. “One day I was in the studio, and it just all came out within 40 minutes and was this magical experience, where it really felt full circle,” she told Popsugar about “Claws,” a track about struggling to leave a toxic situation.

Carly Rae Jepsen — “Shy Boy”

Carly Rae Jepsen is seemingly kickstarting a new era with her single, “Shy Boy,” a party jam that was a perfect fit for her Glastonbury appearance over the weekend. The release follows her album, The Loneliest Time, which dropped last fall, and her theme song contribution to Hello Kitty: Super Style — that she chatted to Uproxx about here.

Quinnie — “Ribbons”

“‘Ribbons’ is about being exhausted with the time and effort it takes to present feminine, and a desire to just be,” Quinnie shared about the song. “I was inspired by Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Carey’ and the lyric ‘got me used to those clean white linens and my fancy French cologne,’ considering these motifs as markers of girlhood and feminine cleanliness.”

The Band CAMINO — “See You Later”

On The Band CAMINO’s new song “See You Later,” it tells the story about dreaming about someone who’s breaking all the hearts at a party — knowing that despite that, they’re still your person once it’s over.

Tyler Cole — “Bad Joke”

The second half of Tyler Cole’s recent two-song drop, “Bad Joke” finds him taking the role of the bad guy in a breakup. “I’m a bad joke, I’m a king in denial, I’m an angel / I’m a dream, I’m a devil with a halo / Bet I took the words right outta your mouth,” he repeats throughout the rockier instrumental.

Hayley Kiyoko – “Somewhere Between The Sand And The Stardust”

Kiyoko’s emotional new song was inspired by losing a friend who struggled with mental health — and she aims to use it as a “tribute to loving the people who choose to stay and embracing and finding peace with the memory of those who don’t.”

Rauw Alejandro, Bizarrap — “Baby Hello”

Another collaboration between Rauw Alejandro and producer Bizarrap, “Baby Hello” gives fans the first glimpse of his upcoming album, Playa Saturno. With a music video set on the moon and a banging electronic beat that picks up on the chorus, they definitely turned space into a party.

Nessa Barrett — “Lie”

Nessa Barrett dished in a statement that her latest song “Lie” is “about accepting that sometimes even though you want something, it’s not always meant to be. I hope people who listen to this feel an emotion that is hard for us to accept but need to in order to live a fulfilling life.”

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