Blackpink’s ‘Shut Down’ Celebrates The Group’s Iconic Journey While Dismissing Haters And The Internet Loves It

If there’s some things Blackpink can do, it’s shutting down the internet and shutting down their haters. And, ironically, that’s exactly what happened the moment K-pop powerhouses revealed the striking music video to “Shut Down.”

Surpassing 2 million views in 10 minutes, Blackpink’s new lead single off their newest studio album Born Pink is a refresher to the Blinks from day 1, a crash course for the new ones and a clapback to haters and some. As the group rang in their sixth year in the industry last month, the themes of “Shut Down” can play off as a celebration to Blackpink’s power in the music industry and a big flip-of-the-finger to the haters and wannabes since debut.

Sets with posters and signage that reference their past hit singles, the individual sets that pays homage to past eras, and just the lyrics themselves (“It’s not a comeback since we never left,” or, “Praying for my downfall / many have tried, baby,” or, “Bunch of wannabes that wanna be me / Me three if I was you”) symbolizes the Blackpink’s global success as a group and individually.

As Blackpink’s Born Pink era has officially begun, we’re not the only ones feeling the excitement for the promotion cycle, the content to come and the world tour (here’s how to buy them, by the way), these are some top reactions we came across on Twitter.

“Shut Down” was written and produced by YG Entertainment’s in-house producer TEDDY and co-produced by 24. The group is set to perform live on Jimmy Kimmel next Monday, September 16.